Meet Ole Netteberg at The Old World Cabinet Company


Ole Netteberg

Olaf S. Netteberg started as a cabinet maker in Minnesota in the 1960s and earned his journeyman cabinet making ranking in 1972. From there, he stared his own cabinet shop doing residential and commercial woodworking. In 1986, Ole moved from northern Minnesota to Whitefish, Montana.


The Old World Cabinet Company evolved from the need to supply our high end residential clients with unique designs tailored to their individual tastes and desires.


When you work with the Old World Cabinet Company, you will have the pleasure of working directly with Ole, benefitting from his unique vision, enthusiasm, and 46 years of cabinet making experience.


Ole has a very full life. When he is not designing cabinets he loves spending time with his Foxtrotter horses, field trail German shorthaired pointing dogs, children and grandchildren (not necessarily in that order.)


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